Good Bye Chicken Pox – Enter Homeopathy

Homeopathy has been the choice of mothers throughout the world for the last 200 years. It is of exceptional value when treating common childhood illnesses such as colds, croup, conjunctivitis and particularly, chicken pox. If you are lucky enough to have your children get this generally mild disease, you can speed up the recovery and make the child or even adult more comfortable with the aid of homeopathy.

In homeopathy, we consider the symptoms key to the illness and an expression of what is going on in the body. So, instead of suppressing the symptoms with drugs, we find a substance in nature that includes the same symptoms the illness presents. We might ask: “Is this case of chicken pox exhausting? Is there restlessness? Are the pustules blanketing the entire body or are they located in a small area? How about the mental state? Is he anxious or irritable?” All of these idiosyncrasies are the expression of illness that are coupled with the chicken pox. Hence, they all need to be considered. This is what makes homeopathy so unique and effective. It views the person, not the disease.

Homeopathy is a medical format that, instead of covering up the symptoms, stimulates the body’s ability to cure itself. It is gentle, inexpensive and never interferes with any other medicine. Best of all, it works. And here is how it is employed: Once you choose the remedy that most closely fits the child’s illness, a dose every 3-5 hours for 2-3 days has historically been the best administration. The more severely the child is suffering, the more frequently the remedy ought to be repeated. Once improvement sets in, the remedy should be halted.

When it comes to most cases of chicken pox, the remedy of historic proportions is by far Antimonium tart 30. There are other remedies to consider, but this one is usually the first to consider. Generally, the person who fits the need for it is drowsy and perspires readily. When the pustules are delayed and if there is nausea, then Antimonium tart will be a good choice.

If, instead, the illness presents with pustules that discharge thick matter and the child feels worse at night, the remedy of choice has been shown to be Mercurius. In this case, there is also a good deal of perspiration as well as general weakness. Sometimes, there are other accompanying symptoms such as a sore throat or sores in the mouth or nose.

When the itching is intense and there is much restlessness, the remedy will likely be Rhus tox 30. Often, the itching is so maddening that the only relief comes from near scalding hot water. This is not to say that this is necessarily advised, but when it becomes a method of comfort, it will usually point squarely to the need for Rhus tox.

Sometimes there is a delay in the ability to recover, such as when weeks pass. This may require a gentle stimulus. Should the child also be weak and his appetite distorted, the remedy is likely to be Sulphur 30.

As in everything in homeopathy, the choice of the remedy is determined by the presentation of the symptoms. It is child specific, not disease specific. Homeopathy is medicine of reasoning. It is gentle, effective, safe and will not cause side effects. The next time your family is visited by chicken pox, consider the medicine of rational thought. Choose homeopathy.

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The reader is encouraged to make independent inquires and to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider.

“Health is not random” says homeopath, Joette Calabrese HMC, CCH, RSHom(Na) . Her book Cure Yourself and Family With Homeopathy and her CDs Perform in the Storm , a Homeopathy First Aid and Secret Spoonfuls; How to get Healthy Foods into Kids Without Getting Caught are collections of experiences as a skilled homeopathic consultant to hundreds.

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